• Born, raised and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 

  • Writes, edits and publishes fiction and nonfiction; 

  • Also does content creation and editing for technology and business outlets; 

  • Published in many places, online and offline; 

  • Works on other projects, like zines and community things; 

  • Is not a Byron. 

kisah panjang lebar 

Samantha Cheh, is a Kuala Lumpur-born (sort of) and -based writer and educator. 

Her fiction and nonfiction have been published in various digital and print outlets, including Kill Your Darlings, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency,, South China Morning Post, Plural Art Magazine, and others.

Samantha has also worked on a number of ad hoc projects, including zines, anthologies, art exhibitions and community resources. In a previous life, she has worked as a technology journalist and anti-corruption consultant, where she picked up a lot of other skills she is using in her current job in education. 

To find out more about her work, please click through the index below. 

She is currently working on her first novel, an urban fantasy set in Kuala Lumpur; & contrary to popular belief, Samantha is not, indeed, a Byron. 

To get in touch, please use the contact form or email her at samantha [dot] cheh [at] gmail [dot] com. [Probably won’t respond to a Twitter DM.]

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